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Deep In Sheep is a site dedicated to Dall sheep hunting in Alaska. Here you can enjoy free online sheep hunting videos as seen on The Outfitter Television Series, and also check out and purchase our full length sheep hunting DVD which contains 120 minutes of footage from three sheep hunts and two bear hunts deep in the Alaska Range. The exclusive footage on "Deep In Sheep" is not available to be seen online, so you'll be enjoying a whole new Alaska adventure deep into sheep country.

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Deep In Sheep - Join outdoor videographer Spencer McCuin as he takes you deep in Dall sheep in the rugged mountains of the Alaska Range. 120 minutes of excellent imagery authentically captured through a hunter’s eye, puts you in the front seat for this great adventure. Sheep meat, stalks, plane rides, and river crossings are just the tip of the experience. You’ll live the entire adventure. • Hang on for a backcountry bush plane landing • Get stared down by a trophy ram • Quietly sneak unnoticed to within 50 yards of bears • Lean forward and dig in as the river current pushes you downstream • Feel your legs burn as you ascend the heart pounding terrain Dall sheep call home. Deep in Sheep is an intense journey into the entire adventure of  Dall sheep hunting.  This video catalogs the experiences of three sheep hunters with Alaska Trophy Hunts during the fall of 2011.

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