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A Sheep Hunter's Poem
By: Sam McCuin

The Camera Man/Hunter and the Snow White Ram

You might see him on the mountain peaks with a pack of 40 pounds
He encounters God in all His glory; breath taking views abound.
He feels the touch of a spiritual force in awe of the creator's hand
The load lightened by how blessed he is, to traverse across this land.

With a camera in his mortal hands he hopes you see what he can see;
As he spans the vast horizons he knows it's not to be.
You must be there, to smell the earth, to breathe in the mountain air;
To feel the sun that warms your back and thank God for being there.

Those who walk the mountain tops are filled with life anew;
They are poised to see creation from a heavenly point of view.
The greens, the golds, the reds, the blues are more vivid than he's seen;
Alive is he, with strength unknown an answer to a life long dream.

You hate to leave that sacred place it's now time to move once more;
In search of the mountain monarch, the Dall ram, you came here for.
When you finally tag your trophy and he lays silent on the ground
Emotions overwhelm you and you utter not a sound.

No cheers, no whoops, no hollers, just respect for the snow white ram;
He brought you to these mountain tops and gave you more than you had planned.
For now you leave with a sense of loss and it's hard to understand;
You will miss the peaks on which you walked in pursuit of the snow white ram.   

What could fill you with such peace and at home in the makers care;
No words can reveal the emotions felt; you must have walked up there.